Dissolution of Marriage

Our firm can assist with the filing of, or representation in, divorce proceedings. Our breadth of knowledge and experience allows us to advise and counsel our clients on the multitude of issues that accompany a divorce. We assist in the valuation and equitable distribution of marital assets including retirement plans and pensions and advise clients with respect to child support and custody proceedings.


Family Law

Our attorneys provide experienced, compassionate, and professional representation to clients in a variety of family law matters. Our attorneys can provide assistance in a wide variety of matters including divorce/dissolution of marriage, custody disputes, child support, and pre-marital agreements.


Juvenile Law

Occasionally during the course of handling a family law case or other matters, issues relating to the abuse or neglect of a minor may surface. Our attorneys have experience practicing in juvenile court and handling abuse or neglect charges and juvenile criminal matters.


Custody Disputes

Our firm can assist with the resolution of custody and visitation issues in marital, post-marital or out-of-wedlock settings. This includes counsel in paternity testing and matters that involve parties in multiple states. We strive to resolve all matters as amicably as possible while bringing compassion, patience and tenacity to the settlement of these issues.


Child Support

State law regulates the calculation of required child support and our attorneys’ expertise provides valuable insight and experience to ensure that our clients obtain or are ordered a support award that is fair and just in light of the law and circumstances. Our firm can also assist with modification of prior child support orders.


Stepparent Adoptions

Stepparent adoptions involve the permanent transfer of parental rights and responsibilities from a biological parent to a stepparent. Our firm represents individuals and families seeking to obtain a stepparent adoption.


Name Change Actions

Whether you seek a name change following marriage, divorce or out of a desire to change your birth name, the process can be accomplished through court petition in the county of residence. As name changes are governed by statute and require compliance with certain procedures, retaining an experienced attorney at our firm can ensure accuracy and expedite the process.


Premarital Agreements

We recognize the importance of avoiding disputes at the outset of a marriage. Our firm has experience in providing counsel to clients in the development of pre- marital agreements. We can also assist in the review and negotiation of pre-marital agreements between couples. This assistance can be invaluable, as pre-marital agreements must meet many statutory requirements and judicial considerations in order to be enforceable. Our firm can advise clients on the rights and obligations concerning personal and residential property either in conjunction with or independently of other estate planning tools such as wills and trusts.


Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a legal process that couples can choose instead of contested divorce litigation. In collaborative law, attorneys (and possibly other professionals), help the parties to work together to arrive at a resolution that is mutually agreeable and is tailored to fit the specific needs of the parties and their children. Participation in collaborative law is voluntary. The three key elements of collaborative law are:

  1. The voluntary and free exchange of information.
  2. The pledge not to litigate (go to court) and withdrawal of both attorneys and other team professional if either party litigates.
  3. A commitment to respect both parties’ goals.

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