Elder Law

Our firm has the knowledge and experience to counsel clients and their families on asset preservation plans appropriate for their circumstances in the face of the ever increasing costs of long term care. We can assist in long-term care planning, asset protection, trusts, wills, powers of attorneys, and living wills.


Estate Planning

Estate planning should be a vital consideration for all individuals to seeking protection and peace of mind for themselves and their family members. Our estate planning attorneys work to determine the goals and objectives of our estate planning clients.  We then prepare wills, trusts and powers of attorney and other documents to carry out the goals and objectives of our clients.  In this process, we work closely with our client’s financial team that may include their accountant, investment adviser, trust officer and life insurance agent.  We also counsel our clients on family wealth transfers using various methods including lifetime gifts, family limited partnerships, charitable giving and irrevocable trusts.  We also have extensive experience with estate planning to minimize inheritance and federal estate taxes at the time of death.



Probate is a court supervised process that includes admitting the client’s will, appointing an executor and supervising the estate.  The decedent’s assets are collected, any creditors are paid and the remaining assets are distributed according to the terms of the will.  We have extensive experience in handling estates of all sizes from small estates to very large estates.  We have handled many large estates that have required the preparation of inheritance and federal estate tax returns.  Our attorneys have handled many litigated court cases among beneficiaries of estates regarding the interpretation of wills and/or the administration of estates.

Guardianships & Conservatorships

Our firm is experienced in advising and representing clients in guardianship and conservatorship proceedings. To establish a guardianship a court must determine that an individual is incapacitated or developmentally disabled and is incapable of making decisions about their basic needs. We represent families wishing to establish guardianships or individuals whom are subject to the proceedings. Our attorneys can also advise clients on less restrictive options that may be available. Conservatorships, unlike guardianships, do not give an individual control over a person’s autonomy, but instead allow management of the ward’s finances. In establishing either a conservatorship or a guardianship the court will require annual reporting and inventories. Our attorneys’ experience and expertise can be invaluable in ensuring these procedures are handled appropriately.


Healthcare Powers of Attorney

Often, planning for the future includes preparing for difficult times. Our attorneys prepare Power of Attorney documents and health care directives that will guide your medical care in the event you become unable to make your own health care decisions.


Financial Powers of Attorney

A financial Power of Attorney allows a person to appoint an agent to act on his or her behalf in financial matters. These delegated powers can be broad or they can be limited to specifically designated transactions. Consulting with one of our attorneys will allow for proper understanding and preparation of the appropriate documents.

Medical & Special Needs Trusts

Caring for a disabled family member or child with special needs requires careful planning to ensure that they are cared for and protected, both now and in the future. Our attorneys focus on developing a plan that will allow you to provide for your loved one when you are no longer able to advocate on their behalf. Our attorneys counsel clients in a variety of planning techniques tailored to fit your family’s needs.


Premarital Agreements

Protecting your assets prior to entering a marriage is important and can be invaluable when the unexpected arises. Our firm has experience in providing counsel to clients in the development of pre-marital agreements. We assist clients in the preparation and enforceability of pre-marital agreements.


Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning & Probate

Estate Planning is the process of anticipating and arranging for the distribution of a person’s assets. With proper planning, uncertainties in the administration of a person’s estate in probate can be simplified and adverse tax consequences can be minimized. The ultimate goal of an estate plan is determined by the specific goals of the client and may be as simple or complex as a client desires. In addition to estate planning, the firm can advise on issues that involve end-of-life planning (such as having a Power of Attorney and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care decisions, and creating Trusts, Medical and Special Needs Trusts). Frequently our work involves the preparation and utilization of Wills and Trusts.

Our objective is to meet your goals and make the transition of your assets as worry- free as possible. We also handle litigation related to Wills, Trusts and Estates in those situations where beneficiaries cannot agree to the distribution of their loved- one’s assets.

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