Employment Law

Our employment law attorneys strive to provide a personal and comprehensive approach to employment law issues for our clients. Since employment laws can be implicated in many day-to-day decisions in the workplace, proper training of supervisors and decision-makers is critical and our attorneys are available to provide the necessary guidance and/or training as appropriate to our clients’ businesses. Whether a client needs general advice and counsel, assistance with workplace investigations, or help responding to internal complaints, administrative claims or litigation, our goal is to meet those needs in the most effective and efficient manner.



Our attorneys regularly assist clients in the negotiation, drafting and review of employment contracts, consulting contracts or separation/severance agreements either for recurring or single transactions and we are experienced in securing enforcement of standardized or negotiated employment contracts from the standpoint of either the individual or the business entity.


Civil Rights & Discrimination Law

Our lawyers advise individuals, businesses, and governmental entities about legal matters that touch upon compliance with civil rights and nondiscrimination laws.


Drug Testing Policy Compliance

Compliance with federal and state drug testing regulations is vital to employers and our attorneys regularly work with employers to ensure that proper testing policies and procedures are in place.


Leave & Disability Law

Our attorneys are experienced in dealing with cases involving issues of leave and disability in the workplace. Our attorneys have worked with employees and employers alike in dealing with these issues. Whether dealing with individual rights regarding these topics or advising business clients on best practices, our attorneys are able to accommodate your specific needs.


Non-Compete Agreements

A non-compete agreement provides that one party agrees to not compete with another party for a period of time. Such agreements may be entered into at the end of employment or may be a pre-condition to a new position or the start of a business relationship. Much like other contracts that deal with aspects of employment law, our attorneys are experienced in negotiating, drafting, interpreting, and securing enforcement of non-compete agreements.

Wage & Hour Compliance

Due to the increase in wage and hour litigation, payroll accuracy should be a top priority of employers in order to ensure compliance with the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) as well as applicable state law. Our attorneys regularly counsel companies regarding wage and hour compliance.

Workforce Reductions

Our employment attorneys assist business clients with meeting proper notification requirements in situations involving workforce reductions or restructures.

Immigration Law

Our firm can assist in the immigration process, specifically regarding the representation of individuals seeking assistance securing either their legal status as American citizens or relocation, be it either permanent or temporary. We will help clients navigate the complex rules associated with the immigration process.

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